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We’re all made differently and that holds true in our reactions to humor. Most of what people think is funny, is not even mildly so to me. Leaves me scratching my head, wondering why on earth someone would think that’s funny when it doesn’t evoke even a smile from me. Now …lest you think I’m a grouch …nothing could be further from the truth. I just have a different sense of humor than most. Seeing someone fall down a flight of stairs with a bunch of pies in his hands just doesn’t do it for me. Neither does seeing someone take a pie and push it into someone’s face. Sorry, that’s not even remotely funny to me, in fact it’s annoying. 

It takes a lot to get me to laugh at something, but when I do …that means it’s REALLY funny. Or at least …that’s what I think.

Well I’ve needed a good laugh for a very long time. So I’ve put together a humor site holding the kind of humor that makes me laugh. Perhaps your sense of humor is different and you might not think any of this is funny. But I’m recording it here for anyone with the same kind of dry sense of humor that I have. If these make you laugh …that makes my day.

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